The Secret Gardens of the former Nature’s World site in Middlesbrough were at risk of being lost forever, had it not been for the hard-work of a number of volunteers, who have dedicated their time and energy working on the gardens, establishing new wildlife areas and wrestling with brambles and sedge over the past few years.

Forgotten paths are being revealed and formal gardens given a new lease of life. The gardens are no longer in pristine condition, but have transformed into something even more special: A biodiverse, green space and habitat for a variety of wildlife-Including 18 species of butterfly (including the white letter hairstreak).

Friends of Nature’s World are currently based in the former Nature’s World Tea Room & gardens, next to Middlesbrough Environment City office, patchwork orchard & forest school.

FoNW Address: (Former) Nature’s World Tea Room
Ladgate Lane

The site is only open to the public for specific family-friendly, conservation-based events throughout the year, but we are always in need of new volunteers to help us fight the brambles, fix fences & create new habitats for local wildlife.

We occasionally need help with publicity, promotion and events, so if you are creative there is plenty for you to do! Some of the gardens art work has become hidden under ivy and has faded over time. The gardens could do with a bit of creativity to reveal their lost treasures!

If you can’t volunteer your time, we are also grateful of any donations of outdoor materials such as: Fence paint, wood, fencing, wood chippings etc.

Friends of Nature’s World currently have a number of regular volunteers on a Thursday and our family-friendly Saturday group started in January 2018 (which is open to registered volunteers and their children from 10.30am-12 noon).

If you would like to join us on a Thursday or Saturday (10am-2pm) please email: or register via Middlesbrough Council by following the link.

Volunteer at Natures World Middlesbrough Council

All volunteers must be registered with Middlesbrough Council and must take full responsibility for their children when on-site. Please be aware that the play equipment is not accessible and suitable clothes and footwear is essential.

No gardening experience required, just a love of nature & working outdoors.